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The characterization of human hair in Brazil was defined with clarity after the proprietors of Hair Brazil 4 Extension – in a meeting in an official parlor at the Health department Inspection in Brasilia/DF (Capital of Brazil) have given a lecture about the diverse types of the human hair industry in the world. Today Hair Brazil 4 extension is one of the few companies that manufactures their own hair and also has the know how to work with real human hair in the USA. We have first selection, therefore we do not have to put our hair through any industrialized rough process, and we are in favor of nature. Our hair threads are more complete and shinny, more beautiful and have a silkiness that causes admiration in any trichologist. We guarantee the quality of our hair.

Transform your look with our hair extensions!

  • The easiest way to get longer, thicker hair in minutes–right at home
  • Can be washed, heat styled, and dyed like your own hair
  • Made from premium quality,
  • Causes absolutely zero damage to your natural hair
  • Sourced ethically and made sustainably

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