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About Us

Hair from Hair Brazil 4 Extension is unique and is partnered with collectors and suppliers in the hair industry.  Its quality and perfection are carried out by competent professionals that work with great dedication to obtain the best prices.

For more than 20 years we have been supplying authentic human hair and have been doing business in all of the Americas, Western Europe, East Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

It all began when a travel agent and a biologist united their experiences of international travels and scientific laboratories to develop methods of enrichment, and products that please the minds of men and women, among them movie and television stars from the USA and Brazil.  Hair Brazil 4 Extension understands about reaping the harvest and the selection of human hair because their founders had the opportunity of working alongside the origins of where it all began which includes Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, India, Siri Lanka, South and North America, thus accompanying the procedures of cleaning, sterilizing and obtaining the approval of the Health Dept.

The characterization of human hair in Brazil was defined with clarity after the proprietors of Hair Brazil 4 Extension – in a meeting in an official parlor at the Health department Inspection in Brasilia-DF (Capital of Brazil) – have given a lecture about the diverse types of the human hair industry in the world.

Today Hair Brazil 4 extension is one of the few companies that manufactures their own hair and also has the know how to work with real human hair in the USA.

We have first selection, therefore we do not have to put our hair through any industrialized rough process, and we are in favor of nature.  Our hair threads are more complete and shinny, more beautiful and have a silkiness that causes admiration in any trichologist.

We guarantee the quality of our hair.